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My move to this decade, in a mobile way.

March 11, 2011

“Mobile,” meaning how do I get on the internet away from my desk?


The iPad 2 releases today

The new iPad 2 is being released today and I’m excited about it. The first one intrigued me, but I don’t want to suffer the early adopter penalty in cost and features. I spent many a pleasant minute playing with the iPad at the one apple store nearby, and the few Best Buys that sell them around here (Is this an indication of the geek quotient of the area?). Dwight Silverman from The Houston Chronicle has compiled reviews of the iPad 2, these reviews only made me more excited to check it out today, at 5pm, when it is released for sale at stores. Having sprained both my ankles, (Left one appears to be a high sprain, which is new for me, and the right one is a “normal” sprain for me, the high sprain hurts more but is less swollen/bruised) the attraction of having a tablet and being able to prop up my feet and feed my internet addiction has increased. I believe I can use the iPad without too much iTunes, also. Next justification, access to the iPad?, Apple? iTunes? App store, and the “tools” (I debated between ‘tools’ and ‘toys’ 😉 ) that are only available in the App Store. And no, I don’t mean Angry Birds, I’ve got that on my desktop, thanks to Intel’s App Store, but the astronomy app (where you can see the sky based on your location), Elements (Beautiful graphic display of the Chart of the Elements) and maybe Epicurious or some other recipe app. Which leads me to my last justification and perhaps the most budget minded.

I’ve been looking for a way to watch/listen to podcasts away from my computer and car. My MP3 player is too bulky to fit in my pocket, and it doesn’t do video. I had debated getting an all-in-one computer for the kitchen because of space and convenience, and I have an iMac which is dead currently, because it needs a hard drive and I can’t find my original Apple disks OR the Leopard upgrade I purchased from Amazon, so if I replace it, what then… (any suggestions, dear reader?). What about the real mobile upgrade, you ask? Currently I have a Nokia E71x on AT&T, this is considered a smart phone by AT&T so I pay the $30 data charge per month, and since November when they quit using the email client that would poll for email, I’m using 25MB per month, that makes the unlimited plan I’m grandfathered in, VERY expensive!! I considered an iPhone, but I don’t like iTunes on windows (I have pre-downloaded iTunes for iPad2 activation), but now there is the android option. Which gives me the power and geekiness of a smart phone with an open OS and allows me to take advantage of a data plan I already pay for. I’m not sure which AT&T Android phone I’m going to get that decision is still percolating.

Between the iPad2 and the Android phone (anticipating, here, you understand), this geek is finally moving into this decade and taking advantage of all the options available to a geek in 2011. Any recommendations?

Update: I called a “Super Target” and they said they’d have 5 at 5 but they didn’t know the models, DS2 (Darling Son 2) and I went to Target and was number 9 according to the clerk in the electronics area. As we were leaving, a fellow target employee told the electronics clerk “You know we’re not getting any, right?” I was glad I was on my way out. Then we went to South Park Mall Apple Store. On the way, DS2 called ahead and checked to see if they would have any ipads left by the time we got there, and was told no, but they would open at 8:30am Saturday morning. Although by the time the AT&T network allowed the call to go through (constant busy signal), we had made it to the mall. So we headed towards the Apple Store to verify for ourselves. DS2 walked ahead to check and verified that we had been told the truth via phone. Deciding to call the Apple Store Saturday morning was the next task in Mission iPad2.
Day 2: I called and got the recording “This store is closed until 10am.” at 8:30am Saturday. DS2 stumbled downstairs to see what the calls result was and I said, lets go ahead and leave. We got in line, by 9:30am and was told that they’d be handing out tickets for what they had in stock, you couldn’t change your mind, once you had a ticket, so we waited. The Apple Store employees kept opening fire doors and leading the line farther and farther into the bowels of the mall. I was impressed at the communication from the apple store, especially compared to the “Super Target.” As the Apple employees went down the line I tried to hear what was still available, to the people in front of me, and misheard that the model I wanted was available. As hinted, there were NO 32 GB iPad2s available 😦 So, I went online and ordered one, with a smart cover (grey) with expected delivery date of 4/14. Later that day I got a shipping notice email from Apple, and I thought “Wheeeeee!” Its the smart cover. WTF???!?!?!?
Day 3: I search to see if I can find any available, Unavailable, 10, yes 10 stores in. the. country. have ipad2s. Best Buy DOES have lots of smart covers starting tomorrow. *sigh* I wish Apple had made enough to fill demand, but I will be patient and cancel my order if I’m able to find one, in person.


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