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PBS Digital Nation examines both sides of a connected lifestyle

December 18, 2010

SCENE: First of all, while watching this hour and a half show, I decided to embed this, then I did some Christmas shopping (no, I’m not sharing where I went :P), checked my finances, paused watching Maddow, to watch and blog this.
Distractions of a Digital Life

from Digital Nation shows a very balanced view of both sides of this issue, and I believe, a realistic portrayal of the pluses and minuses of being online.

Now back to Jewel Quest 3 and Maddow. Isn’t this a meta post displaying ADD and the benefits/issues of a connected life?? Does this describe how things are done in your life? It did take over an hour to complete this disjointed episode of my life. I was foiled in my attempt to post the embed video, because of how only allows google video and youtube, and I don’t want to search (limit of my “multi-tasking?”) for a source that my blog will let me use. *stomp*
PS. In the interest of trying to get a picture element in this post I had to capture a portion of my screen, and when previewing, the first attempt looked awful, so second attempt is the one that is here. I believe the complete story should be told.


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