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links for 2010-07-08

July 8, 2010
  • I use evernote a lot, especially for price comparisons. I don't think there's a version that works with my phone, but I hear the iphone app is great! I do use it in my browser and email pictures of prices to it. It even does Optical Character recognition, aka converting text in pictures to actual text. Here's a primer: "Evernote is a great notetaking tool that can help you remember everything. It works on Windows and Mac, as a variety of mobile platforms, and on any browser with their Evernote webapp. You can jot down notes or upload images and files, and then quickly search and find it later. Evernote has made browser plugins for years that make it easy to clip web content into your Evernote account, but the latest version of the Chrome extension takes it further. It lets you quickly find all clips from the site you’re on, and open clipped sites without opening the Evernote webapp. Let’s look at how it can help you keep up with everything you find online."

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