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links for 2009-09-24

September 24, 2009
  • Wow. Just wow. A medical student fell while jogging beside the lake, while breaking her fall, she broke both arms. When the bill from the ER came and she became aware of an insurance error, that's when the "fun," aka 2 years and still not fixed, begins. Read the story. "SEVERAL WEEKS LATER — AND BLISSFULLY CAST-FREE — I found an EOB (explanation of benefits) statement from the insurance company in my mailbox in the foyer of my apartment building. Its contents left me half-shrieking and half-wailing in outrage. As I shook the envelope with its rustling plastic window in one hand, holding the horror of the EOB in the other, all thoughts of anyone being nearby vanished. I ignored the sidelong stares and raised eyebrows of my neighbors to focus on the neatly itemized bill for my fractures: nearly $6,000. My estimated share? Almost all of it."

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