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links for 2009-09-01

September 1, 2009
  • "The Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) for Border Searches of Electronic Device runs to 51 pages, [<a href=>link</a>], and after reading the first few pages I fail to see how laptop searches (as well as any other form of data storage device, e.g., ipod, memory stick, …) is going to discover, let alone interdict, "merchandise" (what on earth?) or industrial espionage or … I'll read the whole thing eventually, but not yet."
  • "What we learned in August is something we've long known but keep forgetting: The most important difference between America's Democratic left and Republican right is that the left has ideas and the right has discipline." Dr. Reich reminds us what the real goal is in the "health care debate." NOT what the rethuglicans are reframing it as.

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