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links for 2007-09-14

September 14, 2007
  • “What’s fucking shameful is that we–and I include myself–only give a shit about the American kids whose rooms are stuffed to the gills with cheap-ass toys made in sweatshops in China” Seems like cargo scanning on entry to the country might find lead,too
  • “Will every single member of Congress who equivocates today be willing to say those things to the faces of those suffering because of this war?
    If so, I suppose the decision to leave can wait another six months.
    And another. And another.”How many more die
  • of the seven soldiers that wrote the NYT Op-Ed, “The War As We Saw It”, both died this week in a vehicle accident in Western Baghdad.

    Thank you for the courage to stand up for your country, not once but twice. God bless your souls. RIP 😥


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