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Sue Myrick’s latest propaganda

July 10, 2007

Working Assets sent me an email, asking me to send an email to my Senators (Liddy and Ricky 🙂 ) and Representative to request restoration of Habeas Corpus. Sue makes you use a webform for communication via the internet tubes, ya know.
Mission completed, I went to Sue’s home page, and then her latest “e-newsletter” and I was appalled to read the following:

In case you missed it on the news, the new majority in the House of Representatives just passed their budget—which includes the largest tax increase in American history. It provides no reforms and no real accountability. Its total price tag is close to $3 trillion.

Do WHAT??? A neo-con calling for accountability?? This really is opposite land. Its been the lack of accountability or hell, even representing the citizens that has caused the incredible surge in the deficit.
Iraq (latest $450 BILLION)
Oil Companies
Bankruptcy Act
Granted this is from April, so my outrage is only 3 months late, but the coup de grace, in my opinion is the next to last thing in the “e-newsletter:”

Myrick Ranked As Most Conservative NC Member
National Journal, a political publication in Washington, DC, recently released their 2006 Congressional vote ratings, which show where Members of Congress stand ideologically. Rep. Myrick received a conservative rating of 89.2%. This percentage ranked Myrick as the most conservative Member of the North Carolina delegation.

This honor was reported in the News and Observer “Under the Dome” on March 23rd. It is the second story in the section, which you can read here:



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