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OMFG Dept: Rove, Mueller: 140,000 RNC Emails Disappeared by Botnet Spammers

June 19, 2007

“Washington, DC (Rotters) – In a joint announcement this morning FBI Director Robert Mueller and special presidential assistant Karl Rove confirmed that over 140,000 of Rove’s personal e-mails had been maliciously deleted from Republican National Committee servers by botnet programs apparently uploaded by spammers. Mueller stated that he had contacted Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and was working closely with the Justice Department in investigating the possibility of charging a group of arrested spammers with violations of the presidential records act, a 30-year-old law which mandates the archiving of all presidential correspondence.”

first, lol @ Rotters. Second? ROFLMAO at botnets deleting emails. The only way anybody would buy that would be if they were a prosecutor in Connecticut. Prosecuting a substitute teacher for porn popups, when she was told to not shut off the computer (info here). A happy coincidence of geek and political and humor, all in one happy package. Enjoy!

My Left Wing:: Rove, Mueller: 140,000 RNC Emails Disappeared by Botnet Spammers


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