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The Carpetbagger Report | Monday’s Mini-Report

April 18, 2007

This is too good to not steal (with attribution of course) 🙂 I wanted to highlight this excellent “tip of the hat” to Charlie Savage, of the Boston Globe, for his Pulitzer for highlighting Bush’s signing statements.

* A hearty congratulations for The Boston Globe’s Charlie Savage, who won a well-deserved Pulitzer for his series of article on Bush’s “signing statements.” Savage not only did yeoman’s work on the issue, he was the only political reporter who bothered to take this seriously. (Dan Froomkin adds: “[H]ere’s a question White House correspondents should be asking themselves today: How did an investigative reporter at a regional newspaper end up winning an award on their beat?”)

The Froomkin quote was why I had to post this, frankly. [rubbing hands with glee]

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