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Soldiers Face Neglect, Frustration At Army’s Top Medical Facility

March 1, 2007

This is the republican version of supporting the troops. In addition to dubyass cutting veteran’s health care in 2009 (to balance the budget in 2012, yeah, right). The whole article is a must read.

Soldiers Face Neglect, Frustration At Army’s Top Medical Facility –

Behind the door of Army Spec. Jeremy Duncan’s room, part of the wall is torn and hangs in the air, weighted down with black mold. When the wounded combat engineer stands in his shower and looks up, he can see the bathtub on the floor above through a rotted hole. The entire building, constructed between the world wars, often smells like greasy carry-out. Signs of neglect are everywhere: mouse droppings, belly-up cockroaches, stained carpets, cheap mattresses.

Update: Part 2 here. Army Medical Times reports that Walter Reed patients are told to keep quiet. I’m absolutely thrilled that the General in charge of Walter Reed was fired (upcoming link articles that posted this information. Maybe the Military will be our salvation from the current war mongering president (referring to the rumor that 5 generals will resign, if we end up in Iran (March has the most climatological benefits for an attack, from what I read, so I’m terrified that we will know the Bush/Cheney administration’s plan for Iran, sooner rather than later). And getting rid of the putz that was in charge at WRMC is an encouraging first step, but there is a lot more work to be done.


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