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Spyware leads to victim’s conviction!?!?!

January 22, 2007

Is this a miscarriage of justice? A substitute school teacher in Connecticut has been found guilty of exposing children to porn when pop-ups appear on infected school computer. She could face up to 40 years in prison.

Direct link to the source of me finding out about this miscarriage of justice: SunbeltBLOG
This story needs to get more attention, as an educational effort if nothing else. I believe that most people [excluding present company, of course 😉 ] don’t have a clue about spyware, malware and popups. Its pretty apparent the forensic police “expert” certainly doesn’t. Follow the link to get the entire story, along with updates. A Connecticut Board of Education member’s blog [Region 19 BOE Gazette: Pornography in the Classroom; Justice Perverted], adds to the righteous indignation of fellow geeks, over this conviction.
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