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Cut to the Chase: This Psychiatrist Says We Need To Impeach Bush & Cheney For Our Mental Health

January 2, 2007

WoW! This is incredible and really speaks to my current state of mind, I’m truly worn out by the murders committed by the assministration. Kate points to an article from Raw story where a psychiatrist documents the reasons that we have to stand up to Dubyass and Dick, and demand they represent the people who elected them, or get the hell outta dodge. The first paragraph of the diagnosis follows: You have to read the rest.

“We the people” have been and are being badly abused by the Bush administration. We’ve been disenfranchised by Diebold, a major Bush donor. Our Congress, our elected Representatives, have been corrupted, intimidated into going along with shredding of the Constitution. The incoming Democrats, whom we elected in protest, plan to play ball with Bush.

As I scrolled through my most recent (yes, its relative) posts, its obvious what a mess we’ve made in Iraq. The only solution is to pull out ASAP. Our soldiers are targets in Iraq, and we have no hope of improving the current situation by staying there.
[h/t to Kate @Cut to the Chase]


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