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The mess in Iraq

December 1, 2006

I was listening to Sam Seder’s podcast from 11/29 and he interviewed Steve Clemons from The Washington Note, about this article written by Steve. Listening to the article and thinking of the effects on the middle east, petrified me. Because if there is no success at avoiding a war that engulfs the entire Middle East, our future is really in peril. If the Saudis decide to defend the Sunni in Iraq, and Iran decides to defend the Shia in Iraq, it escalates the situation dramatically.
I wonder if segmenting the country is the only thing to calm the situation. If the Sunnis get western Iraq, the Shia get southern Iraq, and there is some split of baghdad, maybe? The Sunnis are separated from their support in Saudi Arabia, but if the Shia decide to cut off the road between Kuwait and Baghdad, the U.S. has no alternative supply lines.

Dubyass must be secretly hoping the Democrats will dig his butt out of the hole he’s dug. Although the first 100 hours seems to focus on national issues, not international, but give them time. I hope that the Dems don’t wear out the poor Repugs with all the days that I expect the 110th Congress to be in session. 🙂

I believe that I have reached saturation in my RSS list, there’s all kind of cross posting and I don’t see a lot of links that I can pass on, that haven’t been replicated many other places. Since “writing” isn’t my forte, I have tended to just put links in, to nudge your attention towards something that I found interesting and at least semi unique, sometimes, its just a matter of time before the uniqueness disappears, but timing is everything. 🙂


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