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speed tests for cable

October 18, 2006

4774 / 354 Kbps or 582.8 / 43.2 KB/sec
Miami Server

1346 / 364 Kbps or 164.3 / 44.5 KB/sec
New Jersey test.
They say I only get a $5 retention discount cause they’re sooo fast, they guarantee 5MB, I don’t think I’m getting that. tyvm. Alas, Bellsouth says DSL isn’t available here, too far from a CO, it looks like, unfreaking believable… I’m addicted to the internet and proud to admit it! 😉

There are supposed to be 2 pictures up there, it seems to be disappearing one of them.. (Is that a word? :P) Yes, only one can be posted at a time, sorry for the different format of the picture speed, and text speed, wassup with that???
This is a test, this is just a test 🙂


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