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New York City’s Reservists Are Asked to Return Iraq Pay – New York Times

September 23, 2006

I was appalled when I read this, what a way to treat the soldiers who interrupt their lives to go fight a war that is based on a lie, and making the entire world more awful. Steve Gilliard pointed out the article in the Times, and has a reasonable solution at the end of his blog post. The NYT article

When they were called up for military service in the wake of 9/11, hundreds of uniformed city workers in the Reserves faced the suspension of their city health and pension benefits. The city offered them an option: it would keep paying their salaries and continue their benefits, but when they returned they would have to repay the city their city salary or their military pay, whichever was less.
For now, the Police Department, which waited as much as four years to begin asking for the money back in the spring, is stepping up its collection efforts. On Thursday, hundreds of officers received letters in their pay envelopes threatening legal action if they did not make repayment arrangements within 15 days.

A damn shame.

A damn shame.


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