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The Olbermann factor | Salon News

September 11, 2006

This is an interview with Keith on Salon (its worth watching the ad). Thanks to Crooks and Liars for pointing it out.
I totally agree with Keith about the current administration winning through fear. And that’s just the first question!

You’re obviously rather upset with the statements that President Bush, Donald Rumsfeld and other officials have been making recently about the war on terror.

It, in many respects, is accomplishing — as I said on the air the other night — that which the terrorists are supposed to be looking to do, which is to divide us, make us fearful, change our way of life. I believe Mr. Bush said they hate us for our liberty, and the government seems to be intent on reducing many of those freedoms and liberties. It’s been building; this is not the first time I’ve said anything about this, about the administration or about its conduct. Pretty much this has been constant since this newscast went on the air. As they have wandered further from reality and our history and what I think all of us — liberals and conservatives and everybody else — were taught as far as our way of life. The further they wander away, the harder you have to reach out to try and grab them and pull them back.

The Whole article.
Olbermann on Rummy.
Olbermann on Bush.
OT but blog related. This post existed in a previous blog dimension, but wordpress had it as a draft and post, so I deleted what I thought was the draft, and the published post disappeared on me too. Its difficult to be as verbose the second time, which may be a good thing. 😉


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