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FDL Book Salon — Conservatives Without Conscience, Week 2

September 4, 2006

All I can say is w0w! John Dean, Bob Altemeyer, Glenn Greenwald, Joe Wilson, RevDeb, MrsRobinson and of course Jane Hamsher all in one thread??? Could anybody ask for a smarter crowd??? Hell, NO! 🙂 Check it out. I got Fiasco and FUBAR and put CWC back. But, its on my to read list for sure.
The comment posted summed it up for me. Its a long thread but well worth the effort.
FDL Book Salon — Conservatives Without Conscience, Week 2

Kai says:
September 3rd, 2006 at 7:29 pm *

What a great thread. One of the best in my experience of FDL to date. This is what the blogosphere has to offer! Serious, moderated but more or less unobstructed intellectual interaction between luminaries of the day and their audiences. Nice job, everyone involved!

Week 1 discussion.


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