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Boing Boing: Katrina: guy who saved 200 with boat sued by boat’s owner

September 4, 2006

Unbelievable…. and the lawyer who took the case must have no ambulances to chase….

Katrina: guy who saved 200 with boat sued by boat’s owner
New Orleans resident Mark Morice is credited with having rescued over 200 people from the flood immediately following Hurricane Katrina, using an idle boat he comandeered. The owner of that boat is now suing Morice for using the craft to save fellow citizens’ lives “without receiving permission,” and claims “grief, mental anguish, embarrassment and suffering . . . due to the removal of the boat.” It seems no good deed goes un-sued:

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I haven’t posted about the tragedy that is the assministration’s response to this catastrophe. Although I have OperationEden blog over there –>>> on the blogroll, but you really should check it out, his photos are arresting.


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