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Liddy’s lastest letter to the masses

August 8, 2006

Liddy lets us know that the NRSC…

We made it!

Thanks to your generosity and dedication, we met our on-line fundraising goal of $75,000 for the month of July!

Thank you!

The National Republican Senatorial Committee is on the front lines of the effort to preserve our strong Republican Senate Majority, and with your continued support, we will have the resources to ensure that Republican incumbents and challengers have the tools they need to win in November.

That’s why I have increased our on-line budget for August to $100,000!

It occurs to me that one blog DownWithTyranny raised $60,000 for Lamont, and ActBlue has raised a grand total of almost $300,000 for Lamont, w0w! How bad IS it looking for repugs this year? Couldn’t happen to more deserving criminals.


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