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American Prospect Online – Justice Bypassed

July 30, 2006

American Prospect Online – Justice Bypassed

The Senate decided Tuesday that it should be a crime to take a minor out of state for an abortion in contravention of state laws mandating parental involvement in the abortion decision. This action follows House passage of a similar measure last year, and the president will surely sign the product of House/Senate reconciliation.

With all that is going wrong for Republicans these days, it is perhaps too obvious to point out why the so-called Child Custody Protection Act (CCPA) is being advanced at this time. (Hint: It’s not due to a new epidemic of cross-border incursions by pregnant-minor-toting hooligans.) But whatever shameless change-the-subject, rally-the-base, embarrass-the-Democrats politics may be in play, there remains the question of CCPA’s substantive merits. As it happens, there are fewer of those than appear at first glance.

This is another way for the neocons to prevent women having control over their own bodies.


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