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Whiskey Bar: The Wish is Father to the Deed

July 17, 2006

As usual, billmon has it right:

The BBC has posted a transcript of the chat between Bush and Blair that was accidently captured on tape. The completely non-surprising thing about it is how inarticulate and scatter brained both Bush and Blair sound — like a couple of dopeheads discussing their favorite recipes for hash brownies, instead of two world leaders trying to deal with a serious Middle East crisis.

I find this particularly inexcusable on Blair’s part — after all, English is his mother tongue.

But the really crucial part of the dialogue, I think, was this bit:

Blair: Look — what does he think? (It appears from the context that the PM is talking about Syrian President Bashar Assad) He thinks if Lebanon turns out fine. If you get a solution in Israel and Palestine. Iraq goes in the right way . . .

Bush: Yeah — he’s [indistinct]

Blair: Yeah . . . He’s had it. That’s what all this is about — it’s the same with Iran.

This is fascinating as well as terrifying. It suggests that Bush and his faithful water carrier both really believe their own bullshit — not just in terms of viewing Hezbollah and Hamas as the mindless tools of Syria and Iran, but also in their rosy-lensed assessments of how things are going in the Middle East these days.

the rest is at Whiskey Bar


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