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-THE CUNNING REALIST-: Socked In At Foggy Bottom?

July 15, 2006

-THE CUNNING REALIST-: Socked In At Foggy Bottom?

Joanne Nucho thought she would be spending her summer in a safe Western-style city when she headed off to Beirut, Lebanon, to study Arabic as part of her doctoral program at UCLA. The city is hip and urban, with many comforts of home — there’s even a McDonald’s across the street from her school, American University in Beirut, and several Starbucks stores nearby.

But suddenly she finds herself huddled in a college dormitory with 40 other Americans, trapped in the middle of an undeclared war and fearing for her life.

The Department of State has told them to do what they need to do to keep safe. Is this adequate? Hell no! Although I pray we don’t see helicopters taking off from the embassy, as the gates are knocked down, outside the embassy. Of course, there has to be some staff at the embassy…. to see to that.


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