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One soldier charged in Iraqi rape

July 5, 2006

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A former soldier discharged because of a “personality disorder” was accused in federal court Monday of executing an Iraqi family so he and other troops could rape and murder a young woman they had been eyeing at a traffic checkpoint.

Steven D. Green, a skinny, 21-year-old former private, was led into court wearing baggy shorts, flip-flops and a Johnny Cash T-shirt. He spoke only to confirm his identity and stared as a federal magistrate ordered him held without bond on murder and rape charges that carry a possible death penalty.

A personality disorder? Sadly, its probably another consequence of the lowering of standards and the general exhaustion the soldiers are no doubt experiencing, after multiple tours of duty. One tour being too many, imho. The soldiers that were taken and killed from the check point, a few weeks ago, were with the same platoon as this former soldier and the others, who are in custody in Iraq. The rest of the details are at the link below:
One soldier charged in Iraqi rape. Additional details from the 10 page affadavit charging the soldier, here.
The Charlotte paper’s article here.
This is an horrific act of aggression, from the occupiers of Iraq. The only positive, if there can possibly be one, is that as soon as Command heard about it, an investigation began. Punishing the guilty, is one opportunity to show some form of respect to Iraqis and Iraq.
UPDATE: On the personality disorder (h/t Pam’s House Blend):

He had an “antisocial personality disorder”? How did he pass the military psych screening? Medline definition:

Antisocial personality disorder is a psychiatric condition characterized by chronic behavior that manipulates, exploits, or violates the rights of others. This behavior is often criminal.

A person with antisocial personality disorder:
* Breaks the law repeatedly
* Lies, steals, and fights often
* Disregards the safety of self and others
* Demonstrates a lack of guilt
* Had a childhood diagnosis (or symptoms consistent with) conduct disorder

And Pam asks the million dollar question: “Is the military trying to make the case that Green developed this mental illness while serving?”
Which compels me to also include Mark Crispin Miller’s article on giving the soldiers Prozac and Seroquel. Go read the rest, its appalling. Absolutely. Appalling. The first paragraph only outlines the beginning of the abuse of our volunteer army.
“Here is a harrowing item, and a confirmation from someone who knows.


June 30, 2006 — A spokesman for the Vietnam Veterans
Against the War (VVAW) confirmed our report yesterday
about U.S. troops in Iraq being forced to take Prozac
and Seroquel in dealing with anxiety and depression.
The VVAW spokesman also stated that as many as 40,000
veterans who have returned from Iraq are suffering
from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and that
the Veterans Affairs Department and Pentagon are
engaged in an intentional cover-up of PTSD problems
among Iraq war vets.”


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