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‘The Hero of Guantanamo’ Speaks

July 2, 2006

Think Progress » ‘The Hero of Guantanamo’ SpeaksThe right wing has wasted no time attacking the Supreme Court and those who supported its ruling on Guantanamo yesterday. Rush Limbaugh’s website ran the headline, “Liberals Celebrate Supreme Court Victory for Terrorists.”

Attacking the patriotism of those who support the decision is ironic. The majority opinion in the case was written by Justice John Paul Stevens, “winner of a Bronze Star for his service as a Navy officer in World War II.” And Hamdan was represented by Charles Swift, a Navy lieutenant commander, who Washington Post defense analyst Bill Arkin today describes as “The Hero of Guantanamo.”

Here is a man in uniform who could have done a perfunctory job, who could have seen Hamdan as an assignment, or as an evil and not a human being; who could have saluted and followed orders; who risked promotion and now faces certain retirement without it. He is the hero of Guantanamo.

Swift was interviewed last night by Greta Van Susteren. Watch it:

Transcript at the first link.

Thank GOD somebody stands up for the Constitution! And adheres to their oath of office. The story about the marine’s comment to the Lt. Commander moved me the most.
I also read that his options for promotion have more than likely ended (thanks Crissie from TPM cafe):
The Seattle Post Intelligencer reports that Lt. Commander Charles Swift, the Navy attorney who represented Hamdan in the Supreme Court case against the Bush administration, believes his career in the Navy is in jeopardy. He was passed over for promotion once before and will learn sometime later this month if he will be passed over again. If so, he will leave the Navy



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