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Missouri Federal Judge Halts State Executions – TalkLeft

June 27, 2006

U.S. District Judge Fernando Gaitan Jr. has issued an order preventing Missouri from executing prisoners due to the “unconstitutional pain and suffering” the inmate may experience from the drug cocktail used.

Until satisfactory changes are made, the Judge says no more executions can take place. The Department of Corrections has 15 days to come up with a new protocol.

And this takes the cake: The lone doctor mixing the drugs has dyslexia:

“For example,” he wrote, “there is no written protocol which describes which drugs will be administered, in what amounts.”

The judge also said he was “gravely concerned” because the lone doctor in charge of mixing the lethal drugs in Missouri is dyslexic. Someone else administers the drugs.

The doctor’s dyslexia, the judge wrote, “causes him confusion with regard to numbers.”

Holy Dyslexia, Batman! This is criminal, bravo to the judge, but I have to wonder why it took this long? Post taken in its entirety from TalkLeft

Missouri Federal Judge Halts State Executions – TalkLeft: The Politics of Crime


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