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Snow’s reaction to 2500 soldiers dying in Iraq

June 17, 2006

Boston Freeway Blogging
“Yesterday we had a moment of silence in the Senate because we thought it was a solemn occasion when our 2,500th soldier was killed in Iraq. We held a moment of silence. When the White House’s press secretary was asked to step forward, the President’s Press Secretary Tony Snow, they asked him about 2,500, he said “It’s just a number.” Just a number? I mean, that is outrageous. I went to Memorial Day services in Boulder City, our veterans’ facility. I went and visited the grave of John Lukac with his mom and his dad. He’d been killed in Iraq. He was 19 years old. He’s just a number? In Nevada we’ve lost 39. We’ve lost 2,500 nationwide, and we’ve had about 20,000 wounded, half of them permanently wounded. Just numbers? I don’t think so.” -Harry Reid
Stolen in its entirety from the freeway blogger.
Tales of the Freewayblogger: “Just a Number”


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