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TPM: AP rewards lying reporter

June 6, 2006

AP rewards John Solomon for the publicity his article got, not the veracity. Or the fact that the article’s contentions are specious. If wapo paid the same the ombuds(person) could retire even sooner. Back to TPM’s post….

Greg Sargent has some follow-up on what he calls the Associated Press’s “deeply perverse” decision to reward John Solomon for his flawed and tendentious reporting on Sen. Harry Reid. As Greg notes, the AP apparently saw it as a positive that Solomon’s reporting had ignited such a storm in the blogosphere.

The nature of the firestorm apparently didn’t matter.

But I would say that it is more than that the reaction was critical. There were actually quite detailed critiques that pointed to numerous errors in Solomon’s reporting and repeated instances of tendentious misconstrual or ommission of key facts. In short, it was bad and in several instances mendacious reporting.

This is totally why Josh has more, check it out.

TPM: AP rewards lying reporter


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