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NY Daily News – Home – Feds to city: drop dead

June 3, 2006

The city was stunned yesterday to find that its share of federal anti-terror funds was slashed nearly in half by bureaucrats who said it has no national icons to protect and lousy defense plans.

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff determined, however, that cities that have never been targeted by Al Qaeda — like Louisville, Atlanta and Omaha — deserve whopping increases.

The city will get $125 million from the feds’ high-threat bank account, a 40% cut from the $207 million it received last year. The Homeland money pot was smaller overall this year, but the rest of the country is being trimmed just 14%.

A Homeland Security spokesman insisted New York’s cut was based on a powerful new matrix that crunches millions of bits of data to figure out where money is most needed.

“We’re quite frankly getting highly sophisticated in our ability to analyze threat,” said Russ Knocke.

(ROFL, one minute…. whew…. ok I’ve got my breath back)

The rest of the article outlines which cities got more money and the identified landmarks. I just think that this is another example of the intelligence of the current administration, almost in toto. The United States of America and its Constitution deserve the BEST, not these clowns…

New York Daily News – Home – Feds to city: drop dead


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