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BAGnewsNotes: Saturday Versus Monday Night Live

May 18, 2006

An excellent photo blog (the best name I can come up with). Check out the link to see the comparison of Gore and Bush in Oval Office addresses. One is on Saturday Night Live and one is a joke. One part of the post that I thought distilled the difference between the two:

It’s not often Rove gets shown up when it comes to staging, but Al Gore’s Oval Office routine on Saturday Night Live left Bush’s prime time immigration speech two nights later looking like sloppy seconds. And it didn’t help that CNN cued Bush early, creating an awkward false start to the address. (This frame is where Bush had to pull up.)

Go read the rest, and the comments are always insightful. About half way through Gore’s “address” I became incredibly sad, at what should have been. It was very bittersweet….

BAGnewsNotes: Saturday Versus Monday Night Live


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