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AlterNet: Stephen Colbert: New American Hero

May 12, 2006

An excellent article by the Executive Editor of Alternet. As I read the kudos for Stephen, I was reminded of a post by Arianna Huffington. Arianna –no, we’re not on a first name basis, either, in real
life 😉 –, interviewed the Colberts at Time’s 100 Most Influential Party [oops, veering off topic…. they spelled Al Franken’s name wrong on the gallery, when I checked] and Stephen says that he’s not reading any reaction about his routine. My first thought was “good for him!” He was true to his character, and he has truly found his voice and his courage to “Speak truth to Power.” His wife added later that she was going to save some of the opinions for Stephen to read later, and Arianna offers her suggestions for a scrapbook. But, read the article from Alternet, first. I’ve quoted the part that made me go “hell yeah!”

Colbert’s speech had a huge impact for two reasons: First, he spoke truth to power right to the face of the president, in front of the entire news media. No one could miss, sidestep or deny it. It wasn’t a scene from a movie, book or talk show — it was live.
It reminded me of Edward R. Murrow’s famous address to the Radio and Television News Directors Association (recently depicted in the film “Good Night and Good Luck”). It gave me goose bumps. [me too ] Colbert’s performance shamed every Democrat or columnist who has been too afraid, too timid, or just too worried about losing his or her own power and access to go out on a limb and tell the truth that this administration is a disaster beyond our wildest nightmares.

AlterNet: Stephen Colbert: New American Hero


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