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Firedoglake » Can We Call It a Dictatorship Yet?

May 11, 2006

Jane Hamsher posts at Firedoglake:
Much as I have been enjoying myself this evening watching the latest installment of the current left/right blogger food fight (here and esp. here for history), it appears play time is over. The Bush Administration has killed the Justice Department’s investigation into its illegal NSA wiretaps by refusing to grant the attorneys security clearance:

Firedoglake >> Can We Call It a Dictatorship Yet?
What kind of harpoon is going to be needed to burst the bubble surrounding these guys???? They truly NEED oversight. Elect Democrats in November!!!!! Its the only way that we have a hope of keeping any rights. Jane also posts to a plan Al Gore has to get rid of all these criminal statutes passed, also.
PLUS, apparently ALL phone calls are being gathered by the NSA, though some phone companies have resisted, mine has not. AT&T, Verizon and BellSouth did cave and give records of ALL telephone calls.


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