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skippy the bush kangaroo: don’t be hayden

May 8, 2006

the sailor at vidiot speak finds out that gen. hayden is ineligible to replace porter “poker? i don’t even know her” goss…from the national security act of 1947:
(c) military status of director and deputy directors. -(1)(a) not more than one of the individuals serving in the positions specified in subparagraph (b) may be a commissioned officer of the armed forces, whether in active or retired status….

and who is the deputy director?
the deputy director of the central intelligence agency is vice admiral albert m. calland iii, usn.

Well, at least the House Intelligence Committee (If they’re the correct one) has a reason to not vote for him. IF if affects the administration, at all I’d be surprised, but once again, the law stands in dubyass’ way.
h/t to skippy (He who coined “blogtopia”) who has an RSS feed now!!
skippy the bush kangaroo: don’t be hayden


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