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Negroponte’s Porter By Michael Brus

May 6, 2006

The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and Washington Post all lead with the forced resignation of CIA Director Porter Goss after only 18 months on the job. President Bush is expected to appoint a replacement next week. The NYT and Post seem pretty certain that the replacement will be Air Force General Michael V. Hayden, who is currently a deputy for John Negroponte, the director of national intelligence.

Negroponte’s Porter at

Having Negroponte (for his “successes” start here) as the director of national intelligence, has always petrified me. Now, we may see how those successes are rewarded by the current assministration. If General Hayden (who was in charge of the NSA eavesdropping, according to the article) is nominated, will the Senate display some chutzpah and use this as an opportunity to investigate the illegal eavesdropping??? We can hope, and watch, and motivate our representatives to fulfill their duty to “advice and consent,” not to mention oversight.
One thing that surprised me, when I read the article, was Negroponte does the PDB now (I wonder if that’s the part that requires the 3 hour lunches at his club?), and that the director of the CIA did it before that. It seems to me that Bush is keeping himself surrounded by the highest level of sycophants. I wasn’t aware that the PDB was given by a person at that level, though when the office is in better hands, that makes more sense. Better answers to questions, and follow through on unknowns (boy, does this leave me longing for a President, with Clinton’s intelligence, and grasp of the details).


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