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Late Nite FDL: How Big Are Your Chances, Karl?

May 2, 2006

Firedoglake – Firedoglake weblog » Late Nite FDL: How Big Are Your Chances, Karl?

With new details arriving daily about the history of Karl Rove’s testimony before the grand jury there have been many corrections to the known narrative. Thanks to everyone in the comments sections both here and at The Next Hurrah, there is a new timeline emerging that makes it look very much like Rove kept altering his testimony to keep up with what Fitzgerald was learning about his involvement, hence the five trips before the grand jury.

A complete timeline of Rove’s lies about outting Valerie Plame and eliminating her effectiveness at her job (Chasing WMDs). I can’t imagine why? Can you? [/snark] Don’t forget the lives and intelligence put in jeopardy, if not lost, by the disclosure, and it was all for political credibility (the irony of associating credibility with this lying administration is almost making me ill)? Impeach the bastards.


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