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My Senator aka RSCC Chairman

April 24, 2006

From the News-Observer:

But for months now, Dole has been criticized for her performance. She failed to persuade top GOP choices to enter races in several key states. And reports filed last week show her committee remains behind its Democratic counterpart in raising money. Dole defends her record, saying that she’s been successful at finding dollars and that the party has outstanding candidates.

“We’re doing well in an environment that’s. … ” She paused. “You know, it’s been a tough environment.”

Despite the demands of the post, Dole insists she is taking care of North Carolina’s business.

“I’m doing everything possible to make sure I’m in the state as much as possible,” Dole said. She was in Winston-Salem on Thursday for the opening of a nonprofit senior center.

Every letter I get from her, She just spouts the propaganda. Liddy has no interest in North Carolina and her constituents, she’s only interested in promoting herself. I wonder if she’s positioning herself for a presidential run, soon…

Senator Liddy Dole, far from North Carolina, stumping for one of Abramoff’s most notorious cronies: “Hours later, she would stand next to Sen. Conrad Burns, a man under attack for his ties to a lobbying scandal, and call him a man of integrity.”


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