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F.B.I. Is Seeking to Search Papers of Dead Reporter – New York Times

April 19, 2006

This is unbelievable, I heard about it on Rachel Maddow’s show this morning first. The F.B.I. wants Jack Anderson’s files. WT??

WASHINGTON, April 18 — The F.B.I. is seeking to go through the files of the late newspaper columnist Jack Anderson to remove classified material he may have accumulated in four decades of muckraking Washington journalism.

Mr. Anderson’s family has refused to allow a search of 188 boxes, the files of a well-known reporter who had long feuded with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and had exposed plans by the Central Intelligence Agency to kill Fidel Castro, the machinations of the Iran-contra affair and the misdemeanors of generations of congressmen.

Mr. Anderson’s son Kevin said that to allow government agents to rifle through the papers would betray his father’s principles and intimidate other journalists, and that family members were willing to go to jail to protect the collection.

“It’s my father’s legacy,” said Kevin N. Anderson, a Salt Lake City lawyer and one of the columnist’s nine children. “The government has always and continues to this day to abuse the secrecy stamp. My father’s view was that the public is the employer of these government employees and has the right to know what they’re up to.”

[emphasis mine]

go read the rest of the article.
F.B.I. Is Seeking to Search Papers of Dead Reporter – New York Times

As I was reading, I’m reminded of the stories of F.B.I. being overwhelmed by wild goose chases, as a result of the illegal eavesdropping, and how this fits in with the G.W.O.T.? Do you feel safer?? I sure don’t…
UPDATE: According to, they tried to trick Mrs. Anderson into giving them up, not the custodian of the documents, who is the son and lawyer mentioned above.

What the papers didn’t report was the truly ugly extent to which the bureau has gone to achieve their goal — such as manipulating Anderson’s elderly widow to sign a document she apparently didn’t understand. [snip]
Agent Martell and her partner came twice to meet with Olivia Anderson; on both occasions, Olivia’s daughter was present, although she was in and out of the meeting, caring for her children.
Through Kevin, his sister says that at no time was she present when any consent form was discussed or signed, which leads the family to conclude the agents waited until they were alone with Olivia before presenting the document.


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