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NO QUARTER: An Updated Plamegate Timeline

April 11, 2006

Larry Johnson spells it out, in case anybody is ignorant or has forgotten:

The frantic spinning by the White House and its crazy rightwing allies, including Michael Ledeen and Christopher Hitchens (a neo-righty), to explain why George Bush was in the middle of the effort to discredit Ambassador Joe Wilson is failing on the facts. Ledeen and Hitchens insist that the reports that Iraq was trying to acquire uranium from Niger are true. Ledeen cites the U.K.’s Butler report as his “proof” and Hitchens relies on mental gymnastics and circumstances rather than evidence for his belief in the “kool aid”.
As a public service I offer the following linked timeline where you can examine the documents for yourself. Once you review this material there should be no doubt that President Bush is a bald faced liar and used his Office to attack Joe Wilson for trying to ensure the American people were told the truth about Iraq and its alleged efforts to buy uranium in West Africa.

Go, refresh your memory so you can spread the word, in case you have any uninformed (yes, I am being generous) friends. 🙂
NO QUARTER: An Updated Plamegate Timeline


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