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Georgia to women: Being on your mind wasn’t enough; now we’d like to be in your womb, too

March 7, 2006

Georgia puts women at risk through its abortion policies. Though it doesn’t go whole-hog and ban the procedure like South Dakota, it chips away at it substantially. The Georgia senate just passed three bills which require any pregnant woman seeking an abortion to undergo an ultrasound that she is required to pay for; allow pharmacists to refuse to fill prescriptions for medications that they believe terminate a pregnancy even if their belief is totally at odds with medical fact (emergency contraception and birth control pills never terminate an established pregnancy); and criminalize the killing of an “unborn child? at any stage under the guise of an anti-domestic violence measure, but define “unborn child? as “a member of the species homo sapiens at any stage of development who is carried in the womb.?
Go read the whole thing, here.

and of course, I’m outraged, because of this:
Bad News x2
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The governor of South Dakota signs the abortion ban into law.

And the Supreme Court allows the federal government to coerce universities into allowing discriminatory military recruiters on campus.

Hangers, here we come.


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