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Blogging From New Orleans

March 7, 2006

“These politicians look at us like it’s property. It’s not. It’s our lives” says Terry Baker whose house is located just across from the 17th Street Canal levee. He spoke to me while he waited with other Lakeview residents for a Congressional delegation to arrive yesterday. “I’ll pull the plywood off my door to let them in. I want Congress to come in and see my wedding picture setting on the floor ruined. That was my life. It shouldn’t be like this in America.”
Wedding portrait remnant
Go read the rest of Mr. Baker’s story. The tragedy transcends class, wealth and race. Its a travesty, that its still this bad, 6 months later. Read the rest of the posts, one post details a body found in an air conditioning duct, stuck while trying to escape the rising water, and the house had been searched and found empty…. And watch the videos and keep telling yourself “this is AFTER 6 months.”

Blogging From New Orleans


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