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NO QUARTER: Security Disconnect

February 21, 2006

Security Disconnect

Larry C Johnson

Will someone please help the White House figure out which security playbook it should be using? In recent weeks the President’s men have stronged arm Republicans to look the other way and not investigate whether George Bush has violated the law by authorizing domestic spying that ignored legal requirements to seek court approval. Those who have dared to challenge the Administration on this point have been accused of letting Al Qaeda have free run inside the United States.

Larry Johnson is the man! And he gives “no quarter” when it comes to the bs that is propagandized by the current administration. I know that I have never felt less secure in my entire life as the last 4.5 years. Fear mongering to scare people into giving up their rights is not honest, nor representative. Remember who was in office when 9/11 happened!

NO QUARTER: Security Disconnect


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