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MoJo Blog: New York judge throws out Canadian’s rendition suit

February 18, 2006

MoJo Blog: New York judge throws out Canadian’s rendition suit

Yesterday, Judge David Trager of the Eastern District of New York threw out a suit filed by a Canadian citizen who was arrested by U.S. authorities at John F. Kennedy airport in 2002 and sent to Syria to be interrogated. The plaintiff, Maher Arar, was suspected by the U.S. government of being a member of al Qaeda. He spent ten months in a Syrian jail, where he claimed he was tortured. Arar also said he was tortured in detention at Kennedy Airport. The United States government has never filed any charges against him.

With assistance from Center for Constitutional Rights, Maher Arar was able to file.
I’m gonna have to remember the judges name, and keep an eye on him, and no doubt his impending promotion…


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