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Exclusive: Alexander Hamilton commits suicide

February 15, 2006 | Exclusive: Alexander Hamilton commits suicide, watch the ad, and read the article. How hysterical, yet tragic….

Q: Elbridge, what do you say to reports that Vice President Aaron Burr killed Mr. Hamilton in a duel?

MR. RODNEY: After a tragic occasion like this, I will not respond to scurrilous rumors. Please have some consideration for the feelings of the Hamilton family.

Q: Where is Vice President Burr at this moment?

MR. RODNEY: At an undisclosed, secure location.

Q: Will you make Aaron Burr available for questions?

MR. RODNEY: That is something best raised with the vice president’s staff.

Anybody wanna place a bet on when this hits MSM?? I truly find it shocking and appalling that Cheney’s made no public statement about this. What a coward. Blaming the victim is a classic rovian scam.


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