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Senator Schumer’s Ode to “Twas the night before Christmas”

December 20, 2005

Senator Schumer:

‘Twas a month after Miers, when all through the land,
Went a plague of amnesia ‘bout how she was canned.
Now, Cornyn! Now, Sessions! Now Kyl and Frist!
Not one had some recall of how she was dissed.
They blathered and brayed about up-or-down votes,
They acted dismayed and gave virulent quotes.
They forgot how their own was battered and fried,
How an up-or-down vote on her was denied.
With her conservative views not patently clear,
They allowed a campaign of cynical smear.
On Alito, they say, he deserves confirmation,
But don’t wait for the hearings, just accept coronation.
Don’t ask if his views on the law are too cramped,
This substitute nom must be rubber-stamped.
So “advice and consent” gets thrown out the door,
When there’s peace to be made with the right wing’s hard core.

At Christmastime, Sparring in Rhyme Cornyn has a contribution too, but its my blog, so you if you wanna read it, you have to click on the free NYT link. If you need a login for NYT, go to (bypass compulsory registration with these free passwords). And get the firefox plugin. You ARE using firefox, right? Get Firefox


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