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our “beloved” senator dole on alito

December 3, 2005

These are two emails I received from the 2 political parties.  I sense desperation in Dole’s letter, and slow elimination of civil rights in both.

In the last week, we’ve started to see signs that the liberals are ramping up their fight to block Judge Samuel Alito from the Supreme Court.

  • Liberal groups, including People for the American Way and, are running TV ads in key states to influence Senators to oppose Judge Alito.
  • Liberal Senator Joseph Biden has publicly stated that Judge Alito’s nomination is “jeopardized” and has openly suggested Democrats might filibuster to block judge Alito.

The liberals believe they have momentum and they are looking for any way they can find to embarrass President Bush and obstruct every Republican initiative.

President Bush and our Republican Senate Majority need your help to battle these liberals. I am writing to you now because, your financial support is urgently needed to help the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) fight back.

The NRSC is the campaign and advocacy arm of our Republican Senate Majority. And we need your help to make sure the liberals do not prevail in defeating Judge Alito.

Our Republican Senate Majority is counting on you to stand with us now as we head into the crucial 2006 election year – a year that will begin with the debate over Judge Alito.

The liberals are united and determined to make 2006 their comeback year. And they would like nothing more than to start off the year by defeating Judge Alito.

It is critically important for us to begin 2006 in the best possible financial shape. That’s why your contribution of $250, $100 or $50 today is vital.

Of course, I know that is a lot to ask, but we won’t be able to effectively counter the liberals and the millions they are raising from the likes of billionaire George Soros and others, unless we can count on steadfast Republicans like you.

So, if you feel more comfortable with a contribution of $33 -just $1 for each Senate race in 2006 – your financial support is much needed and will be greatly appreciated.

This is a crucial junction for America. We have the opportunity, with Judge Alito, to place a jurist with solid credentials and a distinguished intellect on the Supreme Court. There is no question that he is qualified and I am confident he will help rein in the destructive activist tendencies of the liberal Justices who have done so much damage.

Thank you and may God bless you.
With heartfelt thanks,
Senator Elizabeth Dole
NRSC Chair

As opposed to this:

This morning I was getting ready to send an email thanking more than 7,000 of you for stepping up to take the fight into the backyard of Jean Schmidt and any other Republican leader who attacks one of our veterans for cheap political gain. We had begun working with Lamar, an ad company in the area, and signed a contract to place two billboards near Jean Schmidt’s district office in Portsmouth, Ohio (one on US-52 and one at 1024 Offnere Street). Thanks to your overwhelming response we were also looking into putting up additional billboards in several other locations in the Cincinnati market.

Unfortunately, at about 10 AM, we got two phone calls — the first came from Lamar’s Cincinnati office informing us that because of the content of the ad, they are refusing to continue to work with us. The second call came a few minutes later from Lamar’s Huntington, West Virginia office, informing us that despite our signed contract, they were also rejecting our ad. This reversal came more than 24 hours after the DNC had signed a contract with Lamar, and 48 hours after they had accepted the artwork for the billboards you helped pay to put up.

By rejecting these ads, Lamar has limited your right to be heard.

The DNC’s General Counsel, Joe Sandler, has drafted a letter to Lamar’s chairman demanding that Lamar honor its commitment to run the billboards. They think they can get away with this because they own nearly every billboard in the district, but you can put pressure on Lamar to support free speech by signing on to the letter:

The full text of the letter is at the end of this note, and we will deliver it by noon Friday with the signatures of everyone who wants to be included. The management at Lamar Advertising has seriously miscalculated if they think that thousands of Americans who want to stand up for our veterans will be silenced.

The attack on a decorated combat veteran’s courage and patriotism that came out of Jean Schmidt’s mouth on the House floor was unacceptable. But Lamar Advertising seems to think that thousands of people coming together and holding her accountable for it is what’s really unacceptable.

You can let Lamar know what you think by signing on to our general counsel’s letter before noon on Friday:

Republican leaders need to learn they cannot get away with dishonoring the service of veterans to score political points. This is a pattern that needs to stop here and now, and that’s why this billboard is so important.

Please forward this message around to let people know what’s happening. I will be in touch as this story unfolds.

Thank you,

Tom McMahon
Executive Director
Democratic National Committee

P.S. — Here is a copy of the letter to the Chairman of Lamar Advertising:

Mr. Kevin P. Reilly, Jr.
Chairman & CEO
Lamar Advertising Co.
5551 Corporate Blvd.
Baton Rouge, LA 70808

Dear Mr. Reilly:

We are writing on behalf of the Democratic National Committee to demand that Lamar honor a contract its Huntington, West Virginia office entered with the DNC for placement of two billboard advertisements in Portsmouth, Ohio. These advertisements accurately referred to a statement made by U.S. Rep. Jean Schmidt (R-Ohio) on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives attacking a respected Member of Congress and decorated war veteran. The advertisements were aimed at informing her constituents about this statement, and called on Rep. Schmidt to cease such attacks.

The DNC was told by your Huntington regional manager that Lamar is refusing to honor the contract because the advertisements are “too negative.” In addition to refusing to honor the contract for the Portsmouth billboards, Lamar, through its Cincinnati office, refused to accept the same advertisement for placement on billboards in Cincinnati.

While Lamar’s form contract reserves to the company the right to refuse to run a billboard advertisement, Lamar’s conduct in this instance raises serious questions about whether the company is unlawfully or improperly using corporate resources to favor or benefit the Republican Party or Rep. Schmidt. Your regional manager was unable to cite any company policy providing any objective standards or criteria for rejecting political or advocacy advertising.

Rep. Schmidt’s constituents are entitled to know what she is saying on the floor of the U.S. House and the DNC has a right to tell them. Lamar should either offer a credible reason for its efforts to censor the Democratic Party or else should live up to its contractual obligation and let the DNC put up its billboard and let the people of Rep. Schmidt’s district hear the truth.

Please let us know immediately whether Lamar intends to honor its contract–and if not, why. Fairness and the public interest demand no less.


Joseph Sandler, General Counsel, Democratic National Committee
Amanda LaForge, Chief Counsel Democratic National Committee

The contrast is clear, the repugs want to eliminate your rights, and Democrats support the truth AND the troops.

Knowledge is power! In the future I see myself posting links to how bad a job Senator Dole is doing recruiting candidates, and how that’s gonna make it much easier for us to get the 6 Democrats. (Laughing with glee, at Katharine Harris in florida)


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