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N.C. Board of elections ignore rules?

December 3, 2005

Pam’s House Blend is a great NC good sense, blog. I was thoroughly appalled by the actions in this post about Diebold being allowed to sell Voting machines to NC counties. She quotes BradBlog with the following

“One computer savvy voting activist with North Carolina Verifiable Voting has pointed out correctly that the Board of Elections now has another rather obvious problem. The statute requires the Board of Elections to review all of the code used in vendors’ proposed system before certification. Either they ignored this part of the code or they have some super code and security experts in hiding somewhere.

At the superior court hearing on Monday, the state Attorney General said that she couldn’t imagine that the Board of Elections would certify a system that didn’t meet all of the requirements of the statute. Well, they did and now she must defend them.”

Once AGAIN fact and ‘reality’ are different.

Imagining it to be true, does NOT make it so!!!!!!!

This is crap.


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